Run + Strength + Athenian Garden

So, the a Thursday night routine is developing with one of my friends and training partners–run, strength training session and dinner at Athenian Garden. Unfortunately, last week, I had done a 60-mile road ride and after the evening run I was toast–so, no strength workout. Instead, we went to Athenian Garden ( for some great Greek food and a few carbo-beverages.

This week was different. My morning workout was teaching a spin class at the local YMCA and I made sure I refueled (Hammer Nutrition + real food) well throughout the day. The 45-minute run went better for me–even though I still feel like I’m slow as molasses when running next to Aaron (who is training for the Leadville 100). Still, I’m improving again and that makes me happy.

Following the run in the hot afternoon sun (Balmy? Yes!), we got into the following strength workout:

Leg/Core Circuit (3 sets of each)

1. Kettlebell Walking Lunges

2. Slosh Pipe Squat and Press

3. Web Mountain Climbers + Y: This is a new variation on the Mountain Climber using the webbing rig in my garage. After doing an even number of one-leg mountain climber movements in the push-up/plank position, hold one leg straight back and move the other leg out away from the body and parallel with the floor. Move it back to the center and move the other leg out–great body control and core work. Then, you can move both legs out to form a “Y” and bring them back in. Again, great body control and core work.

Upper Body/Core Circuit

1. Kettlebell Chest Presses on Log: We’re using a 12″ (or so) diameter log to lay on instead of a bench to provide a little bit of a core challenge.

2. Backpack Webbing Rows: I put on a backpack with some books and a sandbag and pony up to the webbing strap I have wrapped around the tree for some horizontal rows. You can also do this without the backpack.

3. Atomic Push-ups: YAWP!

4. Slosh Pipe Kayak Twists on a Log: great for rotational core strength.

Another great workout and then dinner at Athenian Garden (their International Sports Bar) on 9th St. N. (MLK) in St. Petersburg for some great Greek salad with chicken–a wonderful way to refuel for tomorrow’s morning kayak workout.

~ by kipwkoelsch on July 24, 2009.

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