Feed the Warrior Workout

Okay, if you are a fan of Lance Armstrong and haven’t seen the Dick’s Sporting Goods/Feed the Warrior commercials–be sure to check them out at:


I don’t know how I missed them for so long–my only guess is that it’s because there aren’t many Dick’s Sporting Goods in the Tampa/St. Petersburg market.

Still, I was SO inspired by that clip (and the others in the same group) that “Feed the Warrior” has become my new workout mantra. We tested it last Thursday with a great strength and conditioning workout:

Three times through the following circuit:

1. Atomic Push-ups

2. Webbing Horizontal Rows

3. Webbing Hamstring Curls + Y

4. Sledge Hammer Tire Whack (yeah!): again, whacking the tire hard enough to slide it along the ground.

5. Sand Bag Curl and Press while balancing on a log

6. Hand-Over-Hand Seated Log Pulls: I took an old climbing rope, attached it to one of our logs and stretched the rope out about 30 yards. We sat on the ground and, using the rope, pulled the log to us. Great for your arms, back and core.

THE KICKER:What brought this workout up to “warrior intensity” was that between each of the above exercises we did a set of walking lunges (about 30 yards). The first time through the circuit we held 20 pound kettlebells in each hand AND wore a backpack with a sand bag and some books inside. The second time through we just wore the backpack for the lunges. The last time, we ditched the backpack and did bodyweight walking lunges.

We all felt those walking lunge sets for a few days, but are looking forward to what promises to be another killer workout tonight.

Inspired? Get out there and feed the warrior this workout–or dig into your athletic recipe book, step into the kitchen of pain and cook up your own meal for the warrior within.

~ by kipwkoelsch on August 13, 2009.

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