Thursday’s Warrior Workout

While I was planning last night’s Warrior Workout I went back to two of the websites that inspired me when I started down this training path last year– and I was particularly inspired by some of the things I re-read in the “Knowledge” section on the Gym Jones site–statements about why they started Gym Jones (“A visit to any normal gym that is open to the public offers an idea of what modern society thinks it means to be fit; magazines are read while “running” or “biking,” discomfort is proscribed, intensity is lacking. Modern fitness is defined by appearance rather than actual horsepower. A training environment contaminated by this attitude cannot produce the results we seek, physical or mental.”).

The site also talked about “The Will to Suffer” and so I scrawled on the Warrior Board the following: “Who has the will to suffer the most?”

Last night we did a series of circuits.

Three times through:

1. Walking Lunge with Kettlebell Press

2. Kettlebell Walking Lunge–no press and immediately following the first exercise.

3. Log/Sandbag Bench Rows

Four times through:

1. Thor’s Walking Lunges

2. 15 Explosive Sandbag Squat Throws

3. Nuclear Push-ups

Five times through:

1. Decline Kettlebell Crunches to Sandbag Toss Crunches–do the KB Crunches to near failure and then switch to a light sandbag to throw back and forth to a partner while continuing to crunch. The movement with the sandbag should be a bit more explosive.

2. Log Flip Deadlifts–pretty simple, but I did come up with a new complex variation for next time. It will be killer–stay tuned.

Six times (yes, six times) through:

1. Webbing Pikes with Ab Twist/Tucks–a killer core/ab movement.

2. Peek-a-boo Step-ups

It was a long workout–but nice to attack it with the right mindset and realize that the benefits outweigh the pain. Remember, if you can read a magazine or a book while you are working out, you aren’t working hard enough. Buck the trend–have the will to suffer.

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 4, 2009.

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