About Kip

To say my interests are eclectic would be an understatement–and, sometimes this blog will reflect that variety. But, there have been three constants in my life–writing, outdoor adventuring and fitness.

The writing began with my first book (I think I traced a Banana Splits pencil eraser to illustrate the main character) in second grade. Of course, it was self-published and there was only one copy (had to conserve the Crayolas)–but, it was a start. I wrote a few more in elementary school and in junior high started the critically panned Super Wid comic books (actually a successful NEW Comics imprint). As a journalism major at Rutgers Univeristy I contributed articles and comics to the daily and weekly papers (yes, Rutgers was big enough for both)–including my punk rock strip Built for Speed. In August 2017 I published my first novel–the epic mystery Wendall’s Lullaby. Currently, I’m working on a follow-up to Wendall’s Lullaby and brainstorming for several other writing projects (two other novels, maybe some new “comics” or a graphic novel).

From its humble beginnings at the Roger’s Rock Campground in Lake George, NY, my adventuring has taken me all over the world (though there is still so much to see!).  Whether its paddling several times a week from my home in Florida, bushwhacking through the Canadian Yukon, meeting a local woman with a spear on a narrow jungle path in Borneo, or reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I cherish every chance to challenge myself in the experience of the great outdoors.

My fitness lifestyle started young as I played both baseball and soccer growing up. I eventually got a bench with leg extension and squat rack and weight set from my parents for Christmas (or was it a birthday) and used it with what little knowledge I had throughout most of high school. My real drive to get fit came with the first year of college–I was far away from home and it was then that I discovered my love for long bike rides. I also swam laps at the college pool. A transfer to Rutgers led me to the banks of the old Raritan and the university boat house where I took up rowing and the fanatic, obsessive lifestyle of an oarsman. THAT is where my knowledge of fitness began to grow exponentially–as I researched and taught myself about physiology and exercise science so that I could improve my athletic performance. My days as an oarsman eventually morphed into a college coaching position and I expanded my knowledge base even more. Since then, I’ve continued to learn more during my involvement in personal training, indoor cycling instruction, working at several gyms/wellness centers, adventure racing, triathlon and marathon kayak racing.

Hopefully, this blog will allow me to share some of my passion for the written word and for a life filled with adventure.


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  1. Hey mate – not had much of a chance to look around yet but the layout is cool. Good job! My blog will be written on the wrapper of a honey-bun and left there…

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