I was rewarded during this morning’s paddling workout with some beautiful flat water and an early dolphin sighting. It was my first morning workout on the Dunedin Causeway since Hurricane Irma–a 1.5-mile run followed by a 5.25-mile paddle in my surfski.

morning on the causeway

Ever since I started writing more seriously again, I’ve struggled a bit with pulling myself away from my desk–often harnessing the energy I would normally put towards a workout for my writing. And that was great for getting me re-motivated and move me along with Wendall’s Lullaby and the follow-up to that novel. I still managed to squeeze in some workouts, but I definitely sacrificed my overall feeling of health and fitness.

Now that I’m a little further along and getting into better writing habits, it’s time to mix in my old, better training habits.

I have to remember one of the main reasons I do my workouts in the morning: it gives me a feeling of already having accomplished one thing for the day and that feeling of accomplishment leaves me supercharged to get more done during the rest of my day.

So, with today’s workout done it’s on to doing some work on my Endeavor Racing events, stopping by to see my dad to make sure he knows about his doctors appointment tomorrow, doing a little book promotion and then getting to some work on writing my follow-up novel.

~ by kipwkoelsch on September 26, 2017.

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