Christmas Eve Warrior Workout

The Warrior is BACK! I had a great team-teaching spin class with my wife, Jessica, yesterday morning at the St. Petersburg YMCA–a kick-ass way to start the day.

After training a client in the morning, I worked on some of my Christmas gifts–particularly one of which I am especially proud.  Jessica will be traveling a bit more with her new job in the new year and I wanted to make sure she will be able to get in some serious Warrior Workouts while on the road. So, she is the first recipient of a product from the Feed The Warrior Gym–“Jessica’s Traveling Warrior Webbing.” It is basically, a portable version of the webbing straps with handles I have set up in our garage–something she can wrap around trees, swing sets, jungle gyms, signposts, etc and get in a great workout.

Putting together the webbing put me in the mood for a serious workout, so I didn’t skimp on the potential for some suffering. I created three simple mini-circuits and decided that I would go through each six times before moving on to the next. The first circuit was six times through:

1. Kettlebell Walking Lunges with Overhead Press (one length of the yard)

2. Kettlebell Walking Lunges (one length of the yard)–no rest between, just turn around and GO!

3. Log/Sandbag Bench Rows

The second circuit was six times through the following:

1. Kettlebell Overhead Walking Lunges–static hold of the kettlebells overhead while completing one length of the yard. I started to lose my form after the second set, so switched to lighter dumbbells for the overhead holds.

2. Kettlebell Walking Lunges–again no rest. Finish the overhead lunges, turn around and GO!

3. Backpack Atomic Push-ups

The final circuit was six times through the following:

1. Thor’s Walking Lunges (that’s with the sledgehammer)

2. Bodyweight Walking Lunges–again, immediately following the Thor’s Walking Lunges–no rest!

3. Backpack Pull-ups–hoo rah!

Simple exercises that worked my whole body–challenging my core strength/stability and my balance. It was only after I trashed myself that I realized that three circuits of six sets each was “6-6-6.” Hence, I’ve renamed the session “The Devil’s Workout.” I’m sure that is one that I will see again and will eventually make even tougher.

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 25, 2009.

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