The Workout I Did Not Finish

I’ve been fighting some kind of stomach/intestinal issue for over a week now–some days I feel fine and am working out hard and other days I feel bloated, nauseous and weak. It’s been frustrating trying to get in my training–not quite knowing what to expect.

This evening I was psyched for what I planned to be a tough Thursday night Warrior Workout–40 minute run and then two tough circuits. We started the run and right away I was feeling bloated and a little nauseous. So, we turned back and got into the strength and conditioning. Here’s the first circuit we hit:

1. Walking Lunge Breakdown: one length of the yard carrying the backpack and kettlebells. Drop the kettlebells. One length of the yard with the backpack. Drop the backpack. One more length of the yard with just our bodyweight. No stopping.

2. Decline Leg Lifts: 50 total repetitions.

3. Walking Lunge Break-UPS: Yes, just the opposite. Start with just bodyweight and do one length of the yard. Next length, add the backpack. Last length, add the kettlebells. Tough it out.

4. Decline Log Chest Press: 100 total repetitions.

5. Walking Lunge Breakdowns: same as we started with.

We only did one time through this (as planned) and it was definitely a leg-killer. Next up was supposed to be three times through:

1. Backpack Atomic Push-ups

2. Log Bench Rows

3. Web Hamstring Curls

4. Overhead  Slosh Pipe Balance Board Holds

The kicker was that we were going to do 10 Peek-A-Boo Step-ups between each exercise. The first round we’d also have on the backpack. Well, I forgot the Overhead Holds the first time through–I must have been just trying to get through. My Bench Rows were WEAK as was my mind at this point. Still, I made it through two rounds–only to have Aaron look at me and give me permission to bail.

If I were just nauseous from working out, I would have kept going until it “resolved itself.” But, I know this is something I’ve been fighting on and off–so, I caved and called it a night. No more reps or sets. No Athenian Garden reward.

Still, I look forward to when I’m feeling better and can give this workout (or a slightly tougher version I’m already scheming) its due.

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 17, 2009.

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