Upcoming Land Navigation Clinics

It is a great feeling to know exactly where you are–in life and on a map!

If you’ve ever been interested in learing the art of land navigation with a map and compass, then I have the clinics for you! I’ve been teaching land navigation for the past six years and have taught hundreds of people how to read a topographic map, use a compass, choose a route and feel much more comfortable in the woods.

Of course, many people will ask–why do I need to know how to read a map or use a compass when I can rely on a GPS to get me where I’m going? Well, for one, if you are adventure racing, GPS units are verboten (forbidden). Second, GPS units are mechanical devices that can fail–the batteries, the waterproofness/water resistance, etc–and you need to be able to navigate in that instance. Finally, because even on a GPS with downloaded topographic maps, YOU need to choose the best route between point A and point B–the GPS still (as far as I know) only draws a straight line. It does not account for the fact that you might have cliffs, rivers, or private property in your way.

So, you say, “a compass is a mechanical device as well. It can fail.” And, you are right. Which is why I focus on what the military calls “terrain recognition” and map reading. To me the map AND your experience relating it to topographic features are your most important navigation tools. In my advanced class, we even do several no-compass navigation exercises.

So, if you are an adventure racer, backpacker, day hiker, mountain biker, geocacher (!), or even a hunter, my series of navigation clinics might be right for you.

January 16, 2010–Introduction to Map and Compass Navigation.

Location: Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure, Pinellas Park, FL

Fee: $35 per person

Time: 10am-1pm

January 31–Advanced Navigation with Map and Compass

Location: Oak Ridge Equestrian Area, Thonotosassa, FL

Fee: $35

Time: 8am-1pm

If you’d like to register (advanced registration is required so that I can have enough class materials on hand), please call Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure at 727-576-4169.

Learn to properly use a map and compass, practice with both, and you’ll open yourself up to a whole new world of outdoor adventures.

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