EFFICIENCY: Dirty Dozen Circuit

Concept2 RowerThere aren’t many people today who aren’t pressed for time–and lack of time is often the most common excuse for  not exercising. As committed as I am to fitness, I also have some periods of time when I’m less motivated, feel too busy or truly am short on time.

That’s when a high-intensity circuit can do the trick–fitting a well-rounded workout into 20-45 minutes.

KETTLEBELL STEP UPSMy go-to circuit for the last two weeks is what I’ve been calling my Dirty Dozen Circuit–mainly because it has 12 stations. I’m liking the framework of the workout and anticipate substituting some tougher exercises (Dirtier Dozen?) once I get my fitness level back to where I am ready to step it up.

For now, I’m doing three times through this circuit:

  1. Concept2 Rower: 1-minute
  2. Weighted Sissy Squats
  3. Web Hamstring Curls
  4. Web Pikes
  5. Concept2 Rower: 1-minute
  6. Sumo Kettlebell Dead Lifts
  7. Low Back Extensions
  8. Web Mountain Climbers
  9. Concept2 Rower: 1-minute
  10. Kettlebell Step-ups
  11. Medicine Ball Russian Twists
  12. Flutter Kicks

This particular circuit is obviously heavy on legs and core. If you want to change it up, it’s easy to add in some push-ups, pull-ups or other upper-body movements. Eventually, I’m looking at increasing the rowing interval to 2 minutes and adding in walking lunges and burpees.

I know that after completing this workout I feel satisfied that I pushed myself. I also feel prepared to take on the day–whether it’s writing the sequel to my first novel, Wendall’s Lullaby, or working on my Endeavor Racing trail running and adventure events.




~ by kipwkoelsch on January 24, 2018.

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