With all the negative things (mail fraud, elder abuse, magazine subscription scammers) I’ve been writing about, I thought it would be nice to share one of the activities that usually helps keep balance in my life–paddling.

While out paddling this morning, I was thinking that, for me, being on the water is the perfect synergy of workout and environment–the rhythm of the stroke, the glide of the boat through the water, the wildlife above and below the surface. All these elements blend in an activity that challenges my body while resetting my mind.

DCIM108GOPROMy preferred on-the-water time is dawn–sometimes I’ll launch before there is even a glow from the sun on the horizon. Often, I’m the only paddler on the water–sometimes (at least for a while) the only watercraft. There is just something special about being out there and connecting with the world when the day is new. It’s a great way for me to get in my workout before the needs of the work day infiltrate my mind and corrupt my resolve–but, it’s also the best way to launch the day in a positive mood.

While most of my paddling is done solo, a couple of times a week I also enjoy the workout and the spirit of paddling the six-person outrigger canoes with my club. The commitment, trust and teamwork involved in paddling an OC6 is reminiscent of the time I spent as a rower in college at Rutgers (and as a rowing coach after college).

2017 Sprints

While team paddling is very different from solo paddling–there is the added benefit of mutual motivation as well as the shared love of the water. It’s simply nice to be around other people who, while passionate about their workout, also love the environment we glide through–never quite too serious to not notice the cavorting dolphins or the fire-orange sunset.






~ by kipwkoelsch on May 19, 2017.

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