3100 Push-ups in December!!!

Right! That’s an average of 100 push-ups a day. And, even though we’re six days into the challenge, you can still join in and create your own shortened version or catch up to the rest of us. Either way, like most challenges and goals, it’s better to start TODAY then wait until tomorrow, or next week or next year.

Check out the challenge (started by adventure racing friend, JJ Johnson) on Facebook at:


Once you join in, you can read other posts and find out how people are reaching their daily goals and blending the challenge into their other regular workouts and training. For me, today, I blended it into my regular evening Warrior Workout:

Circuit 1 (5 rounds)

1. Backpack Step-Ups: 2 minutes

2. Pull-ups (oh…didn’t mention that I added 50 pull-ups a day to my own personal December challenge)

3. Atomic Push-Ups


Circuit 2 (4 rounds)

1. Walking Lunges

2. Pull-Ups

3. Atomic Push-ups

4. Side Lateral Raise “Breakdowns”–one set to failure with one weight and then another immediate set to failure with a lighter weight.


Circuit 3 (3 rounds)

1. Webbing Rows

2. Atomic Push-ups

3. Kettlebell Shoulder Presses


Sure, I ended up with a few extra push-ups and pull-ups today. Hopefully, I’ll forget about my overage and not dip into them some day when I might be a little tired or pressed for time. It’s my goal to do at least 100 push-ups and 50 pull-ups a day until the end of December. And, once January rolls around…well…we’ll have to come up with a new challenge!!!

Getting in 14 extra pull-ups for the day at the United States Marine Corps recruiting booth--97X Next Big Thing 2011.

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 6, 2011.

One Response to “3100 Push-ups in December!!!”

  1. Wow, thats impressive!. I’m now on with a new challenge, the ‘Push-ups in one minute challenge’. The current leader in on 120!! Take part at

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