In real world situations that require lifting and moving or carrying heavy objects it’s rare that you have the “benefit” or “advantage” of using straps or hooks to help you hold onto the objects. Sure, there may be a place (at times) for using those aids in strength training situations, but in the real world you typically need to be able to grip it and rip it (or carry it) unaided. This means that you need to have a strong (and more often and enduring) grip.

Warrior Grip Tools

While many of the exercises I do in “typical” Warrior Workouts require grip strength to a certain degree (like rope curls, pull-ups, climbing Jacob’s Ladder, etc), I’ve also started adding a quick “Warrior Grip Complex” to the end of my workouts one or two times a week. My tools? A homemade grip roller, a weighted “sword” and a sledgehammer.
The grip roller is simply an old dry bag (for kayaking/canoeing) filled with sand, a rope, a carabiner, a piece of PVC pipe and some cloth athletic tape. I’ll actually stand on top of one of my “plyo boxes” so that I can drop and roll up the bag over a longer distance.
I’m holding the sledgehammer upright in one hand at about shoulder height with my arm out almost straight. I simply “pass” the sledgehammer from hand to hand without letting it drop or dip or whack me in the head.
The final exercise is using the “sword.” The sword is just a piece of metal pipe filled with sand and stones, capped at both ends and with some athletic tape for a “grip.” I also hold this at shoulder height–similar to the sledgehammer–but switch smoothly (usually) from the sword upright to the sword pointing down positions. I like to do this exercise last in the sequence because it challenges the dexterity of my grip/fingers when they are fatigued.
This is just a starting place for working on your grip.

Homemade Grip Roller

Every one have a happy, healthy holiday and don’ forget to dare greatly every day!!!

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 24, 2011.

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