Inspired. Motivated. I was looking at various multisport races today and came across some photos and video footage of the 2008 Tropical Power Trinidad Coast to Coast. I think I was in some of the best multi-sport shape of my life for that event and even with a tough slog in the first day’s sauna mountain run I managed a respectable finish. That said, getting back into that well-rounded shape has become a goal. Sure, I’ve been doing well with the Primal/Warrior Workouts, some running, some mountain biking and some paddling, but I’ve not really committed to the discipline, consistency and purpose that drove me in preparing for that event.  I’ve yet to find another event like that to motivate me, but I’m looking. And, in the meantime, I’m preparing.

Tonight’s workout was getting the legs (sadly neglected a little lately) and the core training in gear:

1. Kettlebell Breakdown Walking Lunges: one length of the yard with 35 pound kettlebells immediately followed by another length of the yard with 20 pound kettlebells.

2. Squat Wood Chop: With a 25# plate, I squat and twist a little to one side, as I drive my legs to stand up I rotate like I’m tossing the plate back over my opposite shoulder. Saw a variation on this on some hockey training video–and I know those guys need some great rotational core strength to shoot while skating.

3. Low Back Extension

4. Box Jumps: starting to add some plyometrics into the mix to get some of the springiness back into my legs. Explosive jumps onto a 20 inch platform, step down and repeat.

Four rounds through that and my legs were shaking–good times.

I added three rounds of the following:

1. Leg Raise/Reverse Curl/Y: So on my back, raise legs 6 inches, hold. Knees to chest, hold. Legs back straight and open legs to form “Y.” Kiss the ground with heels and repeat. Mmmm…good.

2. Ball Choppers: chopping with a dumbbell on the physioball. Always one of my favorites.

3. Webbing Pikes: with a little extra “hold” in the pike position.


Now? Dinner and early to bed!

~ by kipwkoelsch on August 30, 2011.

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