Rain and Row

When you have a love-hate relationship with a piece of equipment or a particular workout it’s typically because it is working you hard. The Concept 2 is just that piece of equipment.

With proper technique, the Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer can provide an intense full-body workout–legs, back, arms, core and kick-ass cardio. This evening, it did just that!

My original plan was to go back to the 2 minutes of rowing, 2-3 minutes of running and 2 minutes rest–then, repeat. But, as is common this time of year in Florida, a deluge hit at the time I was headed out for my workout. Not a big deal if I had already been out there in the mix–a little tougher to get started in. Plus, I didn’t want to drag too much mud/dirt in on the rowing machine. So, instead, I came up with a nice Concept 2-only workout:

2 minutes on

2 minutes active rest (continue rowing)

Repeat 6 times, then:

1 minute on

1 minute active rest

30 seconds on

30 seconds active rest

I went through this workout twice this evening. Again, for the shorter intervals, it’s important to put in a high level of effort. For the rest periods, keep rowing lightly and focus on sound technique.

Get inspired! Get motivated.


~ by kipwkoelsch on September 1, 2011.

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