Warrior Gym Workout

It constantly amazes me how easy it is to get in a great workout with the gear that I’ve cobbled together from construction waste, unused other gear and simple purchases from Home Depot (I mention it by name because I have stock in HD). Sure, I’ve got some hand-me-down dumbbells and some kettlebells that I’ve purchased–but, most of what I’m using I’ve constructed myself. Sure, I’ve spent some money, but not nearly as much as I would have joining a gym or purchasing the equivalent equipment to outfit a home gym.

Tonight’s workout was four times through the following circuit:

1. SUPERSET Backpack Kettlebell (35#) Deadlifts with Bear Crawl Log Drag–I was already set up with the harness around my waist while doing the deadlifts. After completing the deadlifts, I ditched the kettlebell and the backpack and started off on the bear crawl. I turned around at the other end and drove my legs hard back to the start. Great superset!

2. Backpack Pull-ups: I grabbed the backpack and put it back on then hit the pull-up 2×4 suspened from the rafters. Weighted pull-ups–a great strength builder.

3. Backpack Atomic Push-ups: always a favorite.

4. Decline Leg Lifts: On the slant board I built myself! From feet kissing the board to one foot high and back.

5. Webbing Pikes with Mountain Climbers: In the TRX-like suspension webbing I made myself (with tubular webbing from Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure and some old PVC pipe). Feet in webbing, push-up position, legs straight and raise hips drawing feet forward. Return to start and tuck one leg at a time (the mountain climber part). Repeat. Feel the burn.

6. Grab Bag: I alternated two different exercises here–Kettlebell Curls with Press OR One-arm Kettlebell Chest Presses.

Following the main workout, I “played” with my latest equipment creation–the weighted warrior sword.

What you can do with a three-foot piece of old chainlink fence tubing, some duct tape and sand.

I did some decline crunches with the sword and then did some moves that came to mind from seeing some swordplay in the movies. Amazingly, I really felt my core engage. I plan on doing some research on sword techniques and figuring some ways to incorporate the new piece into my workouts better. Just another creative way to use someone elses junk to create great gym equipment.

One other thing to touch on today: Vibram Five Finger “shoes.” If you haven’t seen these, check them out.

My Vibram Five Fingers--KSO

While many are advocating wearing these all the time–including running on hard surfaces like roads–I’m more inclined to be conservative and only recommend them for use on grass, dirt, sand, trails and for low-impact training indoors. That said, it is amazing how they engage your toes, feet and lower legs. This morning, I used them for a workout with the Florida Free Runners (www.triwithhank.com) — a group organized by triathlon coach Hank Campbell. This evening, I used them during my warrior workout in the yard and the garage. Definitely, a piece of gear to check out and try–if you can find them. The demand is so high that it is outpacing production–making them a hot commodity at the moment.

Well, that is all from the Feed The Warrior Gym this evening. I have to refuel for tomorrow morning’s urban assault mountain bike ride.

~ by kipwkoelsch on March 26, 2010.

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