Back at it!!!

What “it” am I back at? Training hard–training for an event. With my ribs nearly 100% again, I’ve been amping up my training over the last two weeks. I finally feel like an athlete again.

I have some extra motivation–a goal–competing at the Xterra Caloosahatchee on April 18. Xterra is an off-road triathlon–swimming, mountain biking and trail running on a marked course. So, I’ve been slowly increasing the amount of swimming (at work at Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure), running (even getting a little faster with the help of my friend Aaron) and cycling (on and off-road). And, I’ve been loving it!

I feel much more like myself when I’m training hard. I’m still searching for a race/event/goal for sometime in June or July AND thinking about a mountaineering course over the summer. I’m also still searching for the elusive balance that will allow me to put some of my mental and physical energy (yes, it requires both) into finishing up my novel.

Stay tuned for the workout I’m doing this evening–the warrior is back in the gym and on the trails.

~ by kipwkoelsch on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Back at it!!!”

  1. well done KIP! i am slowly getting back into the groove of things as well, minus my IT band that just flared up that I need to get ‘worked’ out….

    • Foam roller, baby! I’ve been doing that most nights to help with my IT and with my piriformis. It works wonders.

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