Tuesday’s Morning Workout

A few days ago I did a great morning workout. After my 45-minute run I did the following strength and conditioning circuit:

1. Backpack Kettlebell Walking Lunges

2. Backpack Atomic Push-ups

3. Kettlebell Press Walking Lunges–walking lunges carrying the kettlebells at my shoulders and pressing as I come up from each lunge. A killer movement for your legs, core and shoulders. One of my new “favorites.”

4. Decline Log Chest Press

5. Peek-A-Boo Step-ups–step and press one of the tires.

6. Decline Thor Twists–work that core with a sledgehammer twist/crunch.

7. Webbing Ab Tuck/Twist–push-up position with your feet in the webbing straps. Bring right knee to the outside of the left elbow, back to plank and then the left knee to the outside of the right elbow.

8. Log Bench Row

9. Backpack Pull-ups

10. Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise Switch on the Balance Board–while in an athletic stance on the balance board, do a side lateral raise on one side and at the bottom of the movement switch the dumbbell to the other hand and repeat the movement on that side. The constant switching of the weight and the distance of the weight from your body makes the balance challenging. Start with light weight.

11. Tire Whack–always a good one with which to finish.

After going through the full circuit twice, I picked a few exercises to go through for a bonus round. In this case I did another set of:

1. Backpack Kettlebell Walking Lunges

2. Backpack Atomic Push-ups

3. Kettlebell Press Walking Lunges

4. Webbing Ab Tuck/Twists

5. Log Bench Rows

Just for kicks, I actually did three extra sets of backpack pull-ups. You can never get enough of this classic exercise!!!

~ by kipwkoelsch on November 19, 2009.

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