Wake-up Workout

After a short warm-up run this morning I launched into a serious strength and conditioning workout that definitely worked my shoulders (especially) hard. I went through the following circuit three times:

1. Peek-A-Boo Walking Lunges: Walking lunges while pressing a tire over my head.

2. Kettlebell Side Lateral Raise Switch: Just a variation on a typical side raise–one rep on one side and then one rep on the other side until failure.

3. Backpack Pull-ups: Err…pull-ups with a backpack on.

4. Nuclear Push-ups: Push-ups with my feet in the webbing. Add one two-leg tuck and one set of mountain climbers (single leg tucks) after each push-up. Great chest AND core workout.

5. Webbing Hamstring Curls: Alternating one leg at a time.

6. Log Bench Rows: That old college rowing exercise with the warrior twist–using a log instead of a nice olympic bar with plates.

7. Kettlebell Alternating Step and Press: Possibly one of the hardest movements on your body and mind–a warrior workout favorite. Hold the kettlebells at your shoulders, step with one foot and at the top of the step press with the opposite arm. Step down and repeat with the opposite foot/arm. This is a total body movement that also forces you to focus and think to stay on track.

8. MORE Backpack Pull-ups

9. Backpack Atomic Push-ups: Push-ups with feet in the webbing and a two-leg tuck after each.

Just a great way to wake up my body, mind and start the day. Remember, if you are looking to start the day with a killer workout, I am available for personal training as well as small group personal training and customized boot camps for larger groups–just give me a shout at kipkayak@hotmail.com.

~ by kipwkoelsch on November 10, 2009.

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