April 23–Today’s Workout

Here’s a workout I used for one of my personal training clients today. It was done circuit-style and we went through it all three times.

1. Walking Lunge with one-hand, overhead hold of short slosh pipe (one set equals 30 meters with pipe in one hand and 30 meters with it in the other)

2. Squat Press with sandbags (10-12 repetitions)

3. Sumo Squats with sandbag (10-12 repetitions)

4. Push-ups (max reps with good form)

5. Horizontal Pull-ups (10-15 repetitions)

6. Seated Trunk Twist with long slosh pipe held at chest (20 full rotations)

7. Reverse Curl, Press Forward and Hold for five count using short slosh pipe while standing on one foot (8-10 reps for each foot)

8. Single leg, Bridge, Hamstring Curls with feet in webbing straps 6 inches off the floor (10-12 reps each leg)

9. Ab Curls with feet in webbing straps 6 inches off the floor and body in push-up position (bring knees to chest 10 times)

Move quickly from exercise to exercise with minimal rest, but take one minute rest between circuit sets. If you have yet to make yourself a slosh pipe, you can substitute sand bags or another oddly balanced object (sledge hammers are good for this).


~ by kipwkoelsch on April 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “April 23–Today’s Workout”

  1. What is the length & weight of your ‘short’ slosh pipe?

  2. It’s about four feet long and three inches in diameter. It’s about 2/3 filled with water…not sure of the weight. It is good for the person I was training, but a little light for me for some things.

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