Swine Flu!

What a shameless way to get people to read my blog today–put the now ever-present “Swine Flu” into the headline and my tags. Well, if you are reading this because my swine flu swindle brought you here, I apologize. But, do take the time to check out some of my writing–including the blurbs for my novel, The Built-in Smile.

And, just so that this is not 100% shameless, let’s talk a little about swine flu, pandemics, Pandoras, Endora and the bewitchcraft behind a virus that is bigger than bird flu or big bird. The World Health Organization (WHO? I wonder if there is a doctor in their tardis?) has now upgraded its threat level to four (their scale goes up to six, while mine goes up to 300 pounds and can guess your body fat percentage) meaning that they’re seeing transmission through human to human contact. I’m thinking that a four on the threat level scale probably corresponds to about a seven on the public panic scale (and about 257 pounds on my bathroom scale). In fact, we’re already seeing photos of trend-setting, panicky New Yorkers wearing masks, Michael Jackson-style, while conducting their everyday lives (of course for the New Yorkers it’s elbowing your way through the crowds on the sidewalks, eating a soft pretzel on the corner and laughing at the tourists with the kinks in their necks from looking up at the tall buildings), while for Michael Jackson everyday life is more like something I really don’t want to write about.

So, back to the great pig pandemic of ’09 and back to wondering whether viruses are just another way for nature to bring down population numbers in species that are moving beyond the boundaries of supportable behavior. Are we talented enough (or is it arrogant enough) to think that the laws or effects of nature don’t apply to humans? Hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves, and microscopic viruses can all be grim–very grim–reminders, that in most ways we are still connected to–full participants in–the natural processes of the universe.

~ by kipwkoelsch on April 27, 2009.

One Response to “Swine Flu!”

  1. As with everything in life it is best to be prepared. While the government needs to inform its populace… without creating panic… it is up to each individual to care for their own well being and that of their family members. Here is a link to the CDC for information on how to protect you and your family from the the Swine Flu. http://pfx.me/Nz

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