I’m Always Writing

white board poemAfter three weeks of fighting off an upper respiratory infection, I’m finally getting back (slowly) to my morning workouts. Now, there are times when I get so absorbed in the effort or flow of a workout that my mind is fully engaged in the activity itself. And there are other times when the rhythm of paddling or running or biking sets my mind free.

In those moments I struggle to remember my thoughts. On my mountain bike rides, I almost always carry a notebook. But while running or paddling, often all I have is my phone or my memory. If I don’t want to stop and record the words on my phone, the thought becomes a mantra–repeated for the entire workout until I can finally put it to paper.

This morning’s workout was in my garage gym–a circuit workout mixing intervals on the white board workoutConcept2 Rowing Ergometer with some basic exercises.  My goal was to start increasing the intensity of my workouts after only doing some very low-impact exercises over the last week. I was generally successful–getting through three rounds of the planned workout. The fourth round omitted the rowing machine.

My morning goal didn’t include writing a short poem–but those words came during the workout and I jotted them down on the whiteboard.

I saw the world anew

Point of view


in perspective

Fresh insight

Morning light.

#   #   #


~ by kipwkoelsch on October 22, 2019.

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