Warrior a.m.

First “clear” morning in a while and I sleep, sleep, sleep instead of getting out and paddling. Damn. But, I still managed to rally for a quick Warrior Workout to get me feeling at least a little badass before heading into the office.

1. Backpack Kettlebell Step and Press…Backpack Step and Press: Basically, started doing step-ups and press with the kettlebells while wearing my “heavy” backpack, then dropped the kettlebells when I couldn’t press anymore and kept stepping.

2. Low Back Extensions (LBX)

3. Webbing Twist/Tuck: again using my garage gym TRX and from the plank/push-up position  taking both knees to the outside of one arm, back to plank and then to the outside of the other arm–repeat.

Five times through with no rest and feeling pumped to start the work day!!!

~ by kipwkoelsch on September 8, 2011.

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