Short on motivation, time or both? Then look to simple, short, high-intensity efforts to make the best use of what little motivation you have. Chances are, once you get started, you will manage to crank out an excellent workout. The trick is to not make it too long or too complex–limit the number of exercises and keep them fairly simple (minimal equipment needs).

My “Basic” this evening was:

1. Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer: 3 minutes

2. Atomic Push-ups: you can do regular push-ups if you don’t have some webbing.

3. Pull-ups

I moved from one exercise immediately to the next and took one minute of rest after each round. Maximum effort on the rowing machine, atomic push-ups and pull-ups to failure on each set and I was gassed at the end. My last time off the Concept 2, my legs were shaking–a great feeling!

Total=5 rounds.


~ by kipwkoelsch on September 7, 2011.

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