Crazy Busy and Workout Squeeze

I’ve been pretty crunched for time while launching my new race series Marine Corps Primal Challenge. I’ve been especially busy working on promotional and marketing plans as well as finalizing a draft of the course design for next week’s site visit in Charlotte. Amazing energy and fun–but, cutting into my more serious workout time!

Last night I put the Blackberry aside and got in the following quick and intense workout:

1. Concept 2 Rower: 2 minutes

2. Atomic Push-ups

3. Concept 2 Rower: 1 minute

4. Kettlebell Shoulder Press

I went through that circuit three times–maximum intensity! Then moved on to:

1. Concept 2 Rower: 1 minute

2. Kettlebell and Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise Breakdowns–start with the heavier kettlebells to exhaustion and finish exhausting the muscles with lighter dumbbells to failure.

I went through that circuit four times with maximum intensity and minimal rest. I finished up with five times through this circuit:

1. Concept 2 Rower: 30 seconds

2. Five Slow Controlled Pull-ups

I hope to get in a little more leg-intensive workout this evening!


~ by kipwkoelsch on June 29, 2011.

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