Workout of the Evening

Wow! Still in a time crunch as I put in longer hours getting my jobs done at work. Consequently, I’m doing most of my workouts here at home and not getting out to the group runs or rides or even paddling on the bay. I hope to get out this weekend for a couple of good workouts on the bike and in the boat–have to get a little more Vitamin D.

This evening’s workout was again based around using the Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer to enhance the cardio aspects of my circuit.

1. Row: 2 minutes

2. Atomic Push-ups

3. Backpack Pull-ups

4. Row: 1 minute

5. Low Back Extension Rows

6. Kettlebell Clean and Press

7. Row: 30 seconds

I went through this three times with about two minutes rest at the end of each circuit. I finished up by eliminating the movements between the rowing:

1. Row: 2 minutes

2. 2 minutes easy rowing

3. Row: 1 minute

4. 1 minute easy rowing

5. Row: 30 seconds

A great evening workout that you can adjust to your fitness level by varying the time between exercises and circuits. Within the circuit, I had minimal rest–just the time it took me to wipe away a little sweat (no AC in the garage gym) and move to the next exercise.

~ by kipwkoelsch on June 17, 2011.

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