The Imbedded Workout

No, it’s not the “in bed” workout, it’s the “imbedded” workout. What’s that? Well it’s when I create a framework of exercise movements and insert another exercise between each set of those in the framework. Sometimes, I will do just one exercise in between all exercises for all sets of the circuit. Sometimes I will do change exercises for each set through the circuit. For example, on Sunday evening I did the following framework of exercises:

1. Rotating Walking Lunges–this time I used a dumbbell and rotated to the side with each step.

2. Log Bench Rows

3. Peek-A-Boo Step and Press–step ups with an overhead tire press at the top of each step.

4. Atomic Push-ups

5. Kettlebell Clean and Press

6. Slosh Pipe Front Raises on Balance Board

For the first time through the circuit, in between each of the above exercises, I did three reps of Pull-ups wearing a weighted backpack. The second time through I did Seated Russian Twists with a kettlebell. On the third set I did Webbing Twist/Tucks. Finally, on the fourth set, I went back to three reps of Pull-ups with the weighted backpack.

~ by kipwkoelsch on June 9, 2010.

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