Wake Up The Warrior–A Matter of Intensity

When I talk to people about the workouts we do at the Feed the Warrior Gym, many think that some of the crazy exercises are not for them or that they don’t have the “killer instinct” of a warrior–they can’t get caught up in all the macho hoo-rah. Well, honestly, I tell them that it’s not just the movements we do or sometimes external bravado that makes the workouts what they are, it is really the internal intensity and focus.

I don’t just workout with or train people who are hard-core athletes, rather I train individuals who have a high level of intensity and commitment to improvement.  It’s that high level of intensity, that allows many people to get in a productive, full-body workout in an hour or less.

This morning, after a 30-minute run, my training partner Aaron and I did the following short, but intense workout:

1. Peek-A-Boo Lunges–using an old tire, press the tire overhead during the up push of the walking lunge. Today we were trying to keep the lunges a bit springy and more explosive.

2. Web Hamstring Curls–great for hams and glutes as well as some core strength.

3. Log Bench Rows

4. Backpack Atomic Push-ups

5. Sword Blocks on the Balance Board–using the new Weighted Warrior Sword and standing on the balance board. A great new core/balance and shoulder workout.

6. Seated Russian Twists With 20lb. Kettlebell–another great core exercise I’ll start mixing in with an eye on functional kayak strength.

These are some very basic exercises, and we only went through three times, but we hit it hard and pushed the number of reps in each set–serious intensity. THAT type of serious intensity can take a short workout session and really increase the benefits.

So, even if you only have a short period of time, by focusing and jacking up the intensity for that moment you can have a tremendously beneficial workout.

~ by kipwkoelsch on April 15, 2010.

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