Crazy Time of Year

For me, February, March and April are often busier and crazier than the winter holiday season. It starts with the Swamp Stomp 30-hour Adventure Race in mid-February (now successfully completed!), followed by the Squiggy Adventure Races (Classic, Dash and Junior) a month later, and the Croom Quest/Quickie Multisport Challenges in April. Many weekends are spent in the field planning and testing courses. Many weekdays and evenings are spent generating the necessary maps and other materials for the events.

On top of that there is normal work (at Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure), working out (yes, I do fit that in somewhere), a family trip (this year) at the end of March and working at the St. Anthony’s Triathlon at the end of April. I think I get to sleep and write sometime.

This is a time of year that I typically struggle a little with priorities and time management. I want to fit it all in, but typically put the things I do for other people (race design, personal training, etc.) before some of the things I do for myself (working out and writing).

The stress I usually feel during this period of time is exacerbated at the moment by a project that I’ve been working on for almost three years–my novel. Every time I go back to working on it, I realize how good the story and the writing are and kick myself for not dedicating some huge chunks of time to concentrate on the rewriting that I know is necessary (thanks to some of my “readers”) to make it publishable and popular.

Because of that, as much as I love putting on challenging adventure events, I’m really looking forward to the end of April–when, if I haven’t already made enough progress/time, I’ll be working harder on the novel and on training for some cool adventure event in which I’m actually participating.

~ by kipwkoelsch on February 24, 2010.

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