Register for Squiggy NOW!!!

Okay, I spent most of my day on Saturday deep in the woods exploring and planning the foot section for the upcoming Squiggy Classic Adventure Race. All I can say is that I was blown away by the beauty of the area. Many people know how much I love big trees–well, there were some magnificent oaks and cypress where I trekked. Definitely some interesting features to use as checkpoints (or maybe the beginning of a string of checkpoints?).

I saw multiple groups of deer (several times) bounding off in different directions, flocks of turkey, red shouldered hawks chowing down on an armadillo and, of course, a few hogs. It was a great day to be in the woods and I am excited to share this area with the folks who will be doing this year’s Squiggy Classic Adventure Race.

TODAY is the last day of early registration–so if you’d like to see this special area and save some money on your entry fees, register now at!

I’ve posted a couple of photos from the area I was exploring. There were so many cool trees it was hard to choose which to shoot. And, I can only take a few photos as it’s a pain to get them off my anitquated phone! Still, they’ll give you a sense of the beauty of where you’ll be racing on foot. Hope to see you there!

~ by kipwkoelsch on February 1, 2010.

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