Writing Again–The Built-in Smile

When I originally started this blog, I envisioned a vehicle that would allow me to get my name and writing out on the Internet by sharing some of my past writings, new musings on adventure racing and fitness and, of course, my progress on writing, editing and selling The Built-in Smile.

Well, obviously the slant changed very quickly and this has overwhelmingly become a blog more dedicated to serious, warrior fitness and adventure sports–with little mention of the novel I started oh-so-long ago.

And, while I am enjoying writing about fitness and adventure sports, I did want to pass along an update on the novel. My first round of submissions–I sent out queries and samples to over 100 agents–ended in failure. I had a handful of requests for more, but they didn’t go any further. The consensus seemed to be that the first 50 pages didn’t draw the reader into the story fast enough–that the pace needed to be quicker and the action just a little more exciting.

Of course, like many writers, I was a bit depressed about it all and that time also coincided with my getting a new job (two months after the old one was eliminated) working at a great local outdoor shop (Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure). I put the book aside and only sporadically opened the file and changed a few things here and there–there never was the overhaul that it really needed.  Instead, I focused on developing my Warrior Workouts, my own training and writing about that training.

Well, I’ve finally “picked up” The Built in Smile again and have made significant progress on re-working the beginning. There is still much to do–and I still have to make sure it flows with the rest of the novel–but the structure and ideas are there to make it zippier and more engrossing.

There is still MUCH work to do, but at least I feel more motivated to do it. When I was on my cruise over Thanksgiving, I saw dozens of people out in the sun reading and said to myself, “They should be reading MY book.” Then, I corrected myself and said, “They will be reading MY book.” That helped get me fired up. What sealed my return to the novel was just opening the file and reading–and, the realization that it is a good story told through good writing. It does not deserve to languish as digital data on my computer–it deserves to be read.

So, look for a few more updates on my novel-writing mixed in with the Warrior and adventure writings. My goal is to start sending new queries and samples out by January 31.

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 8, 2009.

One Response to “Writing Again–The Built-in Smile”

  1. Kip, you only have failure when you stop trying. You’re just having delayed success at this point, Warrior-Boy.

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