Back from the Cruise Workout

It’s not often that we go on a cruise and don’t get in some type of killer workouts. In the past we’ve rented bikes on Tortola and Antigua and biked around the islands (while doing some geocaching along the way)–spending the day climbing hills, sweating and seeing places and people off the normal tourist routes. This cruise wasn’t quite as conducive to such expeditions, but we still managed some great spinning and strength workouts in the onboard gym and did get in an impromptu run with backpacks on the island of Roatan. Still, with our great base fitness (and a little self-restraint at the buffet, ice cream bar and 24-hour pizzeria), we managed to get off the boat without any significant weight gain or loss of fitness.

Yesterday, I managed a nice 40 miles on my road bike. Today, I did my run plus warrior strength and conditioning workout. Following a 30-minute run I did the following circuit three times through:

1. Log Bench Rows with Sandbags–I’ve been needing to add some weight to the log for a few weeks and finally hit on an idea that allowed me to add two sandbags without impeding the range of motion. It worked out nicely and it was challenging to get 20 reps.

2. Decline Thor Twists–just the beginning of what was a core-intensive workout.

3. Decline Leg Raises

4. Backpack Web Lunges–wearing the backpack with one foot in my high web stirrup.

5. Kettlebell Curl and Press on the Balance Board–for some reason this was a little more challenging than usual. I thought that odd as I just spent seven days on a boat that was constantly moving up and down slightly–go figure.

6. Webbing Hamstring Curls

7. Nuclear Push-ups: These are Atomic Push-ups that include a Mountain Climber cycle after each two-leg tuck–mmmm!

8. Backpack Kettlebell Step-up and Alternate Press–a hard enough exercise that seemed really tough this morning.

9. Webbing Pike Plus an Ab Tuck/Twist–tough enough that with good form I only eked out 6 reps each set.

It’s always great to go away on vacation, still do some working out, but basically come back well-rested and ready to hit it hard again. As hard as it can be for many of us, don’t forget that even the warrior needs to rest the mind and body from time to time.

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 1, 2009.

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