Modified Bear Crawl and More Workout Craziness

Workout in the Jungle Gym

Workout in the Jungle Gym

I love having a killer workout after a day that just didn’t quite go as planned. First thing to adapt to was the AC guy supposedly coming by and then not showing–so, I missed the one window of no thunderstorms today to either get in a paddling workout or mow the lawn. I made my planned trip to Sarasota and back almost without incident. But, when I stopped at the grocery on the way back, I noticed the left rear tire of my Subaru Baja looking quite soft. After taking the groceries home I checked the glove box for the last time I got tires–70,000 miles ago. So, with an unplanned trip to the Firestone service center and four new tires later, I was home to have a snack and get psyched for my strength workout.  It was still raining lightly, but I was determined not to let a little rain stop me–besides, it did make things just a bit cooler (in more ways than one).

Tonight’s workout was four times through the following circuit:

1. Kettlebell Walking Lunges:yup, I broke down and bought two kettlebells. I love the way they feel in my hands and wanted something specifically for this exercise. I was unhappy with the sandbags because they would touch the ground before I felt like I was getting into the full lunge position. The kettlebells did the trick!

2. Kettlebell One-arm Rows:legs spread just wider than shoulder width and back position similar to what you would use for a bent-over barbell row. I try to start with the kettlebell centered between my legs–that allows me to rotate the working shoulder and my torso a bit for a good stretch that is similar to what I would do while kayaking. I always concentrate on pulling my elbow past my body.

3. Kettlebell One-arm Clean and Press:okay, so all of a sudden I’m using the kettlebells a lot. This is also an exercise that I will do from time to time with the sandbags. This is similar to a barbell clean in that you start with the weight on the floor, power it upward to collarbone height and then press it overhead. Doing it one side at at time creates stability and balance challenges.

4. Atomic Push-ups

5. Dumbbell-enhanced Bear Crawl Log Pulls: like I needed to make this one harder–of course I did! I’m still pulling two logs, but now I’ve added 10-pound dumbbells in each hand that I have to hold onto while I crawl and drag.

6. Pull-ups

The Sledgehammer Tire Whack Track

The Sledgehammer Tire Whack Track

7. Tire Whack: definitely a bit more of a challenge in the rain as the sledge hammer’s handle gets wet.








By the fourth time through, I was whooped. This is a great all-body conditioning workout with some exercises that are particularly useful for adventure racers.

Now, I’m ready for some Recoverite and a good dinner–maybe some salmon cakes and couscous.

~ by kipwkoelsch on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Modified Bear Crawl and More Workout Craziness”

  1. Kip exactly how do you do that sledgehammer tire whack thingy? Just hit it with the hammer?

    • The tire I have at the moment is car-sized, not the monster tire most people use (I have one of those at another location). So, it’s much lower to the ground and lighter. I take an athletic stance (flexed knees, feet shoulder width or just a hair wider) with my leading foot about even with the back edge of the tire.

      Then, swing away. The tire slides along the ground a little with each whack. I take a step, wind up, and whack it again. I go a certain distance and then turn around and work the other side of my body.

      I will post a photo when I get a chance. I hope this helps in the meantime.

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