Circuit Hell Workout

So, my friend and fellow adventure racer and ultradistance runner, Aaron joined me for a killer circuit workout at the Koelsch Garage/Ghetto Gym in St. Petersburg this evening.  The workout was done circuit style–meaning we did one set of an exercise and then moved on to the next exercise. Because I was showing him the exercises along the way, I would do each first and then he would follow–so, we got just a little extra rest between sets.

For the workout, we went three times through this circuit:

1. Traveling Log Flip Dead Lifts–using a three foot log and going about 40 yards.

2. Pull-ups. Nothing special here–just a great exercise.

P52800063. Balance Lunges–using my homemade TRX-style webbing to hold the rear foot/leg and holding a short slosh pipe straight out at shoulder height.





4. Atomic Pushups–both feet in the TRX-style webbing about six inches off the ground. Push-up and then draw knees towards the chest. Repeat. Pause slightly with legs extended and then again with the knees tucked to enhance the impact on your core. This is one of my favorite movements.

5. Squat Throw–using a sandbag (you can use a medicine ball), squat and explode up while also throwing the bag over your head. Catch the bag and absorb the weight as you squat back down–repeat.

6. Mountain Climber Planks–again, using the TRX-style webbing as in the the Atomic Push-ups–put your feet in the loops and alternate pulling one leg at a time into your chest. Pause slightly with your leg extended and again with the leg tucked in to your chest.

7. Web Horizontal Row With Weighted Backpack–we did these with my portable webbing wrapped around a tree in the yard and an old Salomon adventure racing pack filled with a couple of books and a sandbag. A great back exercise.

8. Slosh Pipe Press/Curls Balancing on Log–we started with a front raise and press on a log and then changed to doing “21-style” curls (at Aaron’s request–pump up those biceps!). A great way to challenge your balance, focus and core.

P52800079. Log Drag Bear Curl–FINALLY, I got to use a padded stap set-up I bought at the Army/Navy store about six months ago. We hooked it to one of the logs and then proceeded to bear crawl (on all fours) about 40 meters while dragging the log. Great while you are doing it–watch your lunch when you stand up.










10. Sledgehammer Tire Whack–this after the Bear Crawl made for an intense end to each circuit. This was Aaron’s biggest challenge (I think mine was the Bear Crawl). In a good, soft-knee athletic stance, whack the tire to slide it along the ground–about 15 meters one way, then switch and whack it back from the other side. This is great for rotational core strength that powerfully connects the upper and lower body.

Three times through was an awesome all-body workout that addresses some of the movements that both of us need for off-road racing–whether it be running or biking. Give it a try once in a while and see how it improves not just your physique, but your athletic performance.

If you are interested in learning more or in some one-on-one or small group personal training in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL, area, please contact me at

~ by kipwkoelsch on May 29, 2009.

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