Tonight’s “300” Workout

While there are a variety of “300 workouts” all over the Internet that claim to be the workout used by the actors in the movie to get ripped enough to fight the Persians, this is not one of them. It’s my understanding that Gym Jones was where the actors trained, so that is the only place (highly recommended) to visit to get the real deal and the real feel for the real deal.

What I (and many others) have done is modified that killer workout to suit the equipment and goals I have. But, the basic idea is that your total number of repetitions for the workout equals 300.

This evening I did:

50 Log Flipping Dead Lifts

50  Overhead Slosh Pipe Walking Lunges

50 Push-ups

50 Pull-ups

50 Squat Presses with my trusty sand bags

50 Abdominal Curls using my ghetto TRX webbing

The idea is to do each exercise (even if it means you do one rep at a time)until you’ve reached the number of repetitions required and to move from one exercise to the rest with no rest interval. Most people should be able to do this workout in under 35 minutes–under 30 and you’re in good shape. If you do it in less time, start adding more weight to your movements.

Well, enjoy this high-intensity way to make the most of any short workout window you may have. Now, kill it!

~ by kipwkoelsch on April 29, 2009.

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