Get Sloshed! Slosh Pipe Workout Madness

This easy-to-make piece of workout gear will give you a new meaning for “getting sloshed,” but may still have you wondering if you had a few too many adult beverages before your workout.

The slosh pipe is a water-filled piece of PVC designed to challenge your balance through a variety of movements.

There are a number of websites that can lead you through the steps to create a slosh pipe–there are even youtube videos. But, it is basically an eight to ten foot piece of three to six inch diameter PVC pipe. Glue a cap to one end and let it dry. Fill the tube 1/2 to 3/4 full with water and glue a cap to the other end. Some people add a mark to designate the middle. Some people add a little athletic tape to improve the grip. Remember, the longer and thicker the pipe, the more challenging the movements.

When I work with personal training clients or boot camp participants, most pick up the slosh pipe unaware of what it really is–“just a simple piece of PVC…how heavy can that be?” But, when most try even the most basic movements (that they’ve been doing with barbells or dumbbells), their eyes widen as they struggle to keep their core engaged and to maintain their balance as the water moves in the tube–they wobble, stumble and shake like they’ve had a few too many drinks.  The water is reacting to their subtlest motion.

And, that is the essence of the slosh pipe–it reacts to your micro-movements and forces you to focus on using technique that engages your core.

Depending on the size of the pipe you create, even just holding it close to your body or straight over your head can be challenging.  But, eventually, you want to try and use the slosh pipe like you would a barbell. You can use it for squats, overhead squats, squat presses, cleans, lunges of any kind, bench presses, bent-over rows.

I’ve also used the slosh pipe for a variety of rotational movements to help with my kayak training. Sitting in a boat that is less than 18 inches wide can challenge my balance on its own–but, I like to add some of that challenge to my kayak-specific training. So, I will sometimes sit on something unstable (a BOSU or a balance board or a piece of thick foam) and do simple rotations. I’ve also used the slosh pipe for decline twisting crunches. You’ll find that at no time can you relax–you must keep your core engaged–or the slosh of the water will toss for a loop!

If you create slosh pipes in a variety of lengths, widths and weights, you can also use them for single arm movements. I love to have my clients stand on one foot and do a one-arm overhead press with the opposite arm using a shorter slosh pipe. Some will eventually work to adding a squat into that same movement.

As with other pieces of workout equipment, be creative within reason. Think about the movement you might be trying and if you have questions about proper technique, get the advice of someone who knows.

One of the better slosh pipe resources:

Now, don’t be afraid to make that trip to Home Depot, get some PVC and add a great new piece of equipment to your garage gym. Go get sloshed!!!

~ by kipwkoelsch on April 14, 2009.

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