The week before I produce an event is always filled with tidying up last minute details, sorting and loading gear and answer participant questions–leaving tight windows of time for my workouts. The scheduled windows are there to make sure I’m getting in some training, but leave very little wiggle room to change based on the vagaries of Florida’s Summer weather.

So, the pre-dawn paddling workout I had planned today was changed to a garage gym workout due to the torrential rains during my 5:30am-7:30am training window. I just had no wiggle room this morning. In addition to the list I already had for today, I have to get my timing company the registration data that I promised them last night, but that got put off for some family things that needed addressing.

When I am crunched for time, I most often turn to incorporating the Concept2 Rowing Machine into my workouts–done with proper technique and intensity, it provides a lot of  training effect in a shorter period of time.

Today’s Workout:

  1. Concept2 Rower: 2 minutes
  2. Web Mountain Climbers
  3. Band Reverse Flies on BOSU
  4. Side Step-up and Over: 1 minute
  5. Weighted Lower Back Extension

Concept2 Rower

I went through this first circuit four times and then did:

  1. Concept2 Rower: 2 minutes
  2. Band Pull-downs on Physioball
  3. Medicine Ball Russian Twists on Physioball

I went through that circuit three times.

physioball and medicine ball

It was a quick, high-intensity workout–and, now I’m back on track to get my pre-race Race Director duties checked off my list.

~ by kipwkoelsch on June 5, 2017.

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