New Focus–Kayak and Novel

I’ve been quiet–working at re-focusing my efforts in two directions.

First, I’ve started training consistently and seriously in the kayak again. There was a point last year when I was just not having fun in the boat any more–I wasn’t making progress and wasn’t excited about being out on the water. I needed a break–I’d been kayak racing and training since 1996.

But, Aaron and I are partnering to race this year’s Colorado River 100 in the tandem men’s division and we want to be ready to challenge the Texans. THAT will require quite and effort–time in the boat–miles in the boat–and serious sport-specific training on land. So, much of what I write about from the Warrior Workout perspective will be more kayak/paddling specific in the next few months.

My second focus has been on completing my rewrite of my first novel–The Built-in Smile. I know that some authors toil over their books for many years–for me, it’s been a little over three. But, my goal is to have a much better, cleaner, leaner version to shop to agents by the end of June. I’m fairly close to that stage now–but still have a few loose ends to work through. I’m also contemplating getting a professional editor to comb  through the book and see if there are things to be tightened up before I start sending it out again. Regardless, I’m in a much better place (how cliché!) with my novel and truly believe it is a great, well-told story. Look for revisions to my synopsis and eventually I’ll tease you with a sample chapter.

The other wonderful thing about getting deep into The Built-in Smile again is that characters, plot twists and locations for the “sequel” are starting to bombard my mind. It’s hard to work through any part of the current novel without starting to draw connections to the second book I’m already piecing together in my head (and scrawling on some random scraps of paper).

~ by kipwkoelsch on May 27, 2010.

One Response to “New Focus–Kayak and Novel”

  1. Looking forward to a teaser chapter from your book Kip!

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