Unconventional Personal Training

If you’ve visited here often, you might have discovered that I have a passion for creating unique exercise movements using less-than-conventional pieces of equipment–logs, tires, sledgehammers, sandbags and more. Of course, some of my ideas are originals, some are modifications of what others have done before me, and some are blatantly borrowed. But, all are “designed” to attack fitness conditioning from a number of angles:

1. Sport Specificity: first and foremost I like to tailor movements and workout sessions to the activity for which I or my clients are training–be it a 100-mile run, first triathlon, or a ballroom dance competition.

2. Functionality: while sport-specific movements address conditioning the body for functionality within a very specific framework, I also like to use movements that prepare the body for real life movements–expected and unexpected. It’s rare that we lift a box that is perfectly balanced or walk down a sidewalk that is completely smooth and flat. What would happen if you had to help someone push a car out of the road? Well, I like to think that “the warrior” needs to be prepared for a variety of situations in real life. That’s why we lift oddly shaped and weighted objects and do work that challenges our balance and strength.

3. Attitude: I like exercises that inherently force people to work harder and draw an intense attitude from inside. You just can’t hit a tire with a sledgehammer and not feel some primal need to amp up the intensity.

With those points in mind, I wanted to let people know that I am available for one-on-one and small group personal training as well as for larger group boot camp style settings. While I prefer to work with clients at my home “gym,” I can also come to you and/or have a few parks I can work in as well.

Your first training session is FREE. We’ll spend 30 minutes discussing some of your goals and another 30 going through a workout. Sessions after that are $40 per hour or buy five sessions for $180. Prices vary for small groups or boot camp workouts based on the location and number of individuals.

So, if you are ready to change the way you workout, contact me at kipkayak@hotmail.com or 727-422-1956.

~ by kipwkoelsch on October 5, 2009.

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