Flat Water and the Laird 12′ 1″ SUP

Well, my master plan to hit the beach after work and test the Laird 12′ 1″ stand-up paddleboard in some waves was washed out by torrential rains and lightning. I probably could have squeeked out for a few minutes, but there really wasn’t any surf to speak of by the time I got to Pass-A-Grille.

So, I ended up getting out on the board bright and early this morning and tooling around the flat water of Riviera Bay. The longer board definitely moved better in the flat water–tracking well and accelerating with each stroke.  I did have some trouble catching weeds on the fin as last night’s rain stirred up a bunch of sea grass. But, overall it was a better flat water paddling experience than the Ali’i I.

That said, I’m still undecided. For a kayak racer, used to going 7-8mph, even the bigger board just seemed slow. Sure, it was a good core workout–but, I get that in the racing kayak or surf ski as well. So now, I’m wondering if I’m really more interested in a SUP for flat water or surfing–and, in my mind, at this moment, I seem to be interested in the surfing.

But, I’d still like to give the 12′ 1″ board a chance in some waves–especially since I now have the Ali’i I to compare. I also had a friend mention the Laird 11′ 6″ board and that it surfs well, but tracks better on flat water than the Ali’i. So, I may still be a few steps away from a SUP decision.

With those thoughts in my head, it’s time to head into the garage (and the maelstrom that tonight’s thunderstorm is stirring up) and get in tonight’s warrior workout.

~ by kipwkoelsch on August 27, 2009.

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