Quick, Hard Morning Workout

After teaching my spin class this morning, I rushed home to try and get in a quick, hard workout before our record-setting Florida heat started to kick in. I even managed to get through the first rep of the first movement without breaking a sweat! After that, I was drenched.

Here’s the workout (with a bit of a shoulder strength emphasis):

Overhead Walking Slosh Pipe Lunges (each set was about 40 meters)

Atomic Push-ups (using my hanging webbing)

Squat Throws with a Sandbag

Weighted Pull-ups (wearing a backpack stuffed with clothes, books and a sandbag)

Sledgehammer Tire Whacks–this continues to be one of my favorites as it is highly anaerobic as well as attacking the core muscles that assist with any rotational strength/power. And, I love having a tire just light enough to slide along the ground with each whack.

Sandbag Curl and Press–it’s simple curl the bags and press them overhead. Repeat.

Sandbag Side Lateral Raises–I alternate sides and pass the sandbag off to the other hand at my waist.

I went through this three times with only the change/walk from station to station as any “rest.” I also through in a final set of bodyweight only pull-ups for good measure.

Now, have at it and get strong for all of your adventure sports and for life.

~ by kipwkoelsch on June 23, 2009.

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