Morning Paddle

Underwater Green Sea Grass, Sea Grass UnderwaterGliding, glassy water

Pulsing sea grass, below

Shy sea turtle peeks between blades, feeding body

Paddler flying above takes notice, feeding soul.

tortue marine plongée algue animal pacifique protection espèce


This morning I was blessed with a very light breeze and mostly glassy water conditions for my outrigger canoe workout. Since this is the first morning that my schedule and the weather have cooperated (we’ve had a bunch of morning storm days over the last week or so), I was happy to grind out a steady fourteen miles.

I started my paddle early–in the dark–so I was able to enjoy the nearly full moon setting over Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands and the Gulf of Mexico. I paddle with a bright light pointing out over the ama (outrigger) of my canoe. While in the dark, for the first three or four miles, I paddled through hundreds of needle fish–skittering flashes across the surface. But the highlight was gliding over the sea grass beds and spotting the one sea turtle peaking from between the green blades.


~ by kipwkoelsch on July 15, 2019.

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