Blue Life: Water Therapy

I’m missing my regular morning workouts on the water–paddling my surfski or outrigger canoe. The shoulder surgery I have scheduled for mid-September has limited what I can do (exercise-wise) with my upper body.

Yesterday, I decided I was going to stop wallowing indoors and went for a wonderful five-mile beach hike at Honeymoon Island State Park. To say I was reinvigorated would be an understatement.

I took my writing journal along just in case I had any story ideas or other inspirations along the way. I stopped at the half-way point–the north end of Honeymoon Island– and jotted about a paragraph. It was nothing earth-shattering. Just a few words. I was having a hard time thinking about anything other than just being out on the beach, close to the water–immersed in the skittering of the sanderlings and sandpipers along the waters edge, the gentle lapping of the calm Gulf and the sweat running down my face. I was content with being in the moment.

My return hike took me along a mostly similar route–though I did walk closer to the dune vegetation and made a few detours to a backside of the island tidal lagoon. Still, I was mostly retracing my steps along the water’s edge. It was then that I noticed the dark shapes in the yellow/green water of the sandy shallows. At first I thought they were cloud shadows on the surface–but they morphed continuously below the surface with the subtle undulating flow of small waves. Liquid edges changed and the shadow clouds moved towards shore–dissolving in silver bursts of baitfish.

That was my supreme moment of wonder on the hike.

I stopped and wrote a few descriptive lines in my journal while I stood–water washing over the toes of my sneakers. I tried–unsuccessfully–to capture the phenomenon on video with my phone. I carried on with my hike–content with reconnecting with the marine environment that gives me so much joy by continually filling me with wonder.

~ by kipwkoelsch on August 28, 2018.

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