MEET A CHARACTER: Jasmine Summers in Wendall’s Lullaby

1280px-Hurricane_Isabel_from_ISSIt was October of 2003 and Road Town had suffered a near miss from Hurricane Bee–near enough that most of the coastal resorts were shut down for major repairs, but miss enough that there was only one human death on the island.

While her 50-foot sailboat My Calypso was secured at a local marina, Jasmine weathered the storm in a tastefully decorated bungalow on Cappoons Bay. She woke up well after the storm had passed—courtesy of multiple glasses of a special punch at the Bomba Shack’s pre-hurricane blow-out. Back on My Calypso, with a big mug of freshly brewed Ethiopian coffee in hand, she rang Dolphin Cay—the next stop on her most recent “cruise of self-discovery.”

One of the few major hurricane casualties had been the waterfront Tortola Inn and its swim-with-the-dolphins program—Dolphin Cay. The tanks and lagoons were intact and the dolphins, safe, but the supporting infrastructure was devastated—no electricity, no pumps, no filters. When Jasmine heard the news—no dolphin programs for the foreseeable future—she was devastated. But, instead of just moving on—drifting with the tide or blowing with the wind with no particular plan—Jasmine had an idea that lit her up inside and kept her from sailing.

Despite the hurricane damage and typical “island time” delays, Jasmine was able to call in immediate help from the US—industrial pumps, filters and generators arriving within 24 hours. The Road Town locals were astonished at the efficiency of what looked like a typical lazy-ass, drifting, dreadlocked American hippie. Jasmine had always embraced the passion and free spirit that was such an obvious part of her life—now, she embraced the trust fund and powerful connections that she had worked so hard to hide.

book page with NEW AGE DOLPHINS           Even with Jasmine’s airlift and donation of materials, the real estate group that owned the Tortola Inn and Dolphin Cay couldn’t afford to keep the dolphins on-site and rebuild the resort. Cash was short and they had already started to put out feelers to aquariums and other “swim-with” programs—“dolphins for sale.” After walking along the twisted deck of the damaged dolphin lagoon, dangling her feet in the water and feeling the energy move through her toes, up her legs and into her heart, Jasmine offered them another option.


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