East Beach, Galveston, Texas: An excerpt from WENDALL’S LULLABY

East Beach, Galveston, Texas

dolphin+resuceKurt had never seen a single stranding this large—even over several months. He stood at the edge of the massive dirt parking lot and looked from side to side. Bottlenose dolphins were strewn a half a mile up the beach in both directions—some with tails still moving, struggling to breathe, but obviously alive. More than half were clearly dead. Volunteers were keeping all the dolphins moist and covered, spreading sunscreen on the live ones and keeping gawkers back from the animals. People were everywhere, but there was little chaos other than a few gawkers shooting video and taking pictures. Just to the right, on the beach, stood Shari Casseine, gesturing and pointing in front of a group of seven people.

beached-whales 2          The group went trotting off to the right and Shari walked over to where her son Bryan was managing the blowhole of one of the dolphins—he was making sure the water used to keep its skin moist didn’t get sucked into its lungs. It was Bryan that first saw Kurt—it was hard to miss his lanky, six-foot four frame wrapped in a red Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network (TEXMAM) windbreaker and topped with a Cousteau-like, red wool cap. The boy tapped his mom to turn around.

Kurt waved her to him. Shari lumbered across the soft sand and met him at the parking lot.

“Wow.” He stared right into her bloodshot eyes.


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~ by kipwkoelsch on February 5, 2018.

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