Keep Running FUN!

As some of you already know, I am a reluctant runner. I know it’s great for overall fitness and I enjoy it (more) when I’ve been consistently running. But, there are times when my old images of running drudgery and heavy-footed death shuffles creep into my psyche and I need to make running fun again.

Sometimes, just getting into the woods and running on a trail can help. Sometimes, I require something more “adventurous.”

Coming off a week of being sick (bad head cold), I did a somewhat pleasurable 3-mile trail run to re-start my running this past Monday. It wasn’t the best run, but as I tell myself, “Every time I run it’s a win.” Still, I was left a little wanting.

orienteering-marker-permLuckily, I was running at Starkey Wilderness Park in Pasco County and I happened to start and finish my run adjacent to an old Eagle Scout Project–a permanent orienteering course. I had printed off the course instructions a while ago and put them in my Starkey file–which I happened to have with me as I was also at the park for an event meeting. I pulled out the instructions, looked at the time and figured I had time to do the one mile course prior to my meeting.

orienteering-1I grabbed my compass, stuck the instructions in a Ziploc bag, strapped on my water belt and dashed off into the woods. It’s a bearing/distance-type of orienteering course, so I was dialing the bearing in on my compass and then dashing off along that course while counting my “paces.” It was a series of sprints and stops cross country–easy ground and rough ground, under trees and through tall grass–all while sporting a face-stretching smile.

I made it back to my vehicle with enough time to do a quick change, drink a little recovery drink and drive over to the park office for my meeting.


orienteering-selfie-at-starkey-parkIt was just what I needed to help reinvigorate my running and start my day off full of positive mental energy. And, in the back of my mind I was creating future running workouts that will also incorporate that orienteering course.

For information on the Starkey Wilderness Park permanent orienteering course click here.

For information on other permanent orienteering courses in Florida click here.

Now, get out and add some fun to your running!

~ by kipwkoelsch on January 25, 2017.

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