4 FEB 2011 Workout

Time to get a little primal again.

This is one of my “embedded workouts”…meaning there is a standard set of movements to go through three times–and there is another exercise that I repeat in between each of those movements.

The standard movements for today:

1. Kettle Bell 20# Walking Lunges with a Shoulder Press–simply walking lunges with 20# kettle bells held at shoulder height. Press overhead on the upward motion of the lunge.

2. 105# Bench Rows–I actually have an Olympic bar and some weight plates now (yikes!) and use this instead of the old log. I wanted heavier weight and had an opportunity to acquire some gear cheaply. This is more like what I used to do as a rower in college. Loved it then, love it now.

3. Backpack Atomic Push-ups–self-explanatory, right?

4. KB 20 to DB 10 Side Lateral Raises–As many reps as I can do with the 20# kettle bells and then as many as I can do with 10# dumbbells. Not a lot of weight, but if you really max the reps, a lot of burn.

5. Webbing Pikes–plank position, keeps legs straight and raise your hips in the air.

6. Ab Choppers on a Physio Ball–Yup, broke down and got a ball–great for core/balance and really lets you stretch abs and rib cage.

I went through that circuit three times with the following exercises imbedded between each of those exercises.

Round 1–Backpack Pull-ups–put on a weighted pack and do pull-ups! What could be better?

Round 2–Webbing Frozen Mountain Climbers–plank position with both feet in the webbing straps. Bring one leg/knee up to your chest and freeze/pause for 2-3 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

Round 3–Kettle Bell Dead Lifts–Simple but effective movement. I use a 35# kettle bell in each hand.

Work through as quickly as you an and you have a workout that should take you around an hour and that will accomplish more than some people will get done in the gym in two.

~ by kipwkoelsch on February 4, 2011.

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