Squiggy Classic Adventure Race March 14

Believe it or not, it’s almost that time again. And, for me, it IS time to start planning and scouting the new course for this year’s Squiggy Classic Adventure Race. I already have a preliminary plan in mind and sketched on some maps and am ready to take to the field and explore.

So, how do I go about finding cool places to challenge our racers with? Obviously, the Hillsborough County Wilderness Parks are an area we’ve used for the last six years for races and that we’ve trained in for even longer. So, I know it pretty well based on past experience. But, I’m still on the lookout for areas we have not used and for ways to use other areas creatively. So, I look at the topo maps and look for interesting features. I look at Google Earth and look for interesting features. I put together some maps, load fresh batteries into my GPS, hang my compass around my neck and head out into the woods.

I love to explore on foot and find it is the best way for me to find cool things I might miss moving faster on a bike. While out there trying to connect the dots on put on my map in the office, I often find things that are much, much more interesting. Sometimes it’s just blind luck and a willingness to get me feet (or more) wet. And, I’m pretty willing to swim or wade just about anywhere.

So, expect another great course for 2010. Registration for the next Squiggy Classic Adventure Race, the Squiggy Dash and the Squiggy Junior are now open at www.wecefar.com.

See you all you adventurous-types there!!!

~ by kipwkoelsch on January 21, 2010.

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