A refined fantasy saga with compelling characters.

Beyond the Pale Blue Sun is the second in a dramatic odyssey spanning the Cerulean Universe. It has been more than a decade since A’zra was rescued and placed in stasis. The intervening years have been a time of geographic exploration and scientific development as species come together for the first time. But, inevitably, exploitation and turmoil are the byproducts of rampant ambition and greed by ruling parties. Victoria, A’zra’s long-lost partner, has never lost hope that A’zra survived the destruction of her ship so many years ago. With a lingering hope in her heart, Victoria has determined to explore the furthest reaches of the Celestial Ocean looking for her lost love. Feeling abandoned, even betrayed, A’zra begins to move on, taking charge of a life that has been out of her control for too long. Ruling bodies may have conspired to keep her stasis secret for 11 years in order to keep peace, but the truth will come to light and not worlds, but universes will collide.

If George Lucas left an unfinished manuscript and Tom Clancy had decided to finish the novel, the result might look a lot like this sophisticated and multifaceted intergalactic saga. The pages abound with complex politics and mesmerizing fantasy worlds. The wide array of species among the characters, is breathtaking. A favorite, Cetus, is like a wizened old friend. I loved the pages detailing Cetus alone with his thoughts, swimming, ruminating. This book could work alone, but is greatly enhanced if you’ve digested the first in the series. If you enjoy a refined fantasy saga with compelling characters written in eye-popping detail, then Beyond the Pale Blue Sun: Book Two in the Saga of the Cerulean Universe is the perfect book to sink your teeth into.

–Nicky Flowers,

~ by kipwkoelsch on January 31, 2021.

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