LFL 1I can’t speak for every author, but as a relatively new fiction author there are only a few things that I’d really love to receive as gifts this holiday season.

  1. Book Reviews: if you have read and enjoyed my first novel Wendall’s Lullaby, please take a moment to go to Amazon or Goodreads and leave even a brief review.
  2. Book Sales: buy a paperback or an ebook for yourself or as a gift for someone who likes to read.
  3. Social Media Shares/Likes: if you see a post for my book on Facebook or Twitter, please share it if you can. If don’t want to share the post, please “like’ it. This is a huge help in reaching new potential audiences.
  4. Library Donations: make a donation to your local library or take a moment to donate old books to your local library or Little Free Library. Check out that Little Free Library concept too. If you really like it, think about “gifting” a Little Free Library to your neighborhood or local park.
  5. Beer.
  6. A Part-time job that allows me time to write, attend book events and produce my trail running and fun triathlon events.
  7. Book Reviews: oops, I mentioned these already.
  8. Books: I love to read fiction and non-fiction and books always make great gifts!


Of course, the greatest gift anyone can have is family and friends and I’m grateful for everyone in my life–especially my wonderful wife (and editor), Jules.

Now, Happy Reading! And Happy Holidays!

~ by kipwkoelsch on December 18, 2018.

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