kreskin 1_LI (2)kreskin envelop deceptionThis is more of a quick RANT than a reasoned blog post as I deal with another scammer trying to dupe my father from his mailbox. Yes, The Amazing Kreskin managed to find him at his new address and send him his deceptive, elder-baiting junk mail.

It’s just unconscionable what the elderly have to endure every time they go to their mailbox. And The Amazing Kreskin is just one exploiting his “celebrity” (especially with the senior crowd) to take advantage of those living on fixed incomes and still dream of greener pastures.

kreskin return envelopeLike so many of these scam mailings there is no contact information in their materials–just a return envelope for your check or credit card number. And, lucky for me, I managed to intercept this crap before that return envelope was used by my father.

I did find an email address on the Kreskin webpage. First, I asked them if this junk was really coming from their organization. If it was, I requested my father be removed from any of their mailing and phone lists. If it’s not coming from them (hahaha–not likely) I suggested they find out who was mailing it and sue them for fraud.

I’m still waiting for their response. If I hear nothing or if they admit to this heinous act, I’ll be sure to publish their email address so that you can deluge them with complaints about their deceptive mail campaigns. This type of abuse–against the elderly or anyone–needs to stop.

Thank you for listening to me rage.

~ by kipwkoelsch on November 12, 2018.

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